Chief of Operations : Tony Boulos
   The  Fire Up Freedom Fire Truck is the perfect match
       for those who want to have the Ultimate party.

Your First Response Team to
 Make Your Party Great!

We do the cooking~You enjoy
The Fire Up Freedom Fire Truck Features:
*A fully functional 100 foot ladder tiller
*4 BBQ grills plus 2 monster grills
*2 Gas burners
*2 Soda fountains with 6 flavors
*4 Large flat screen TV's w/Bluetooth
*Full Audio Surround Sound System
*DVD player for movies
*Make a playlist on Spotify to customize
your music for the event!
or use an  Ipod hook up.
*SATELLITE for Games!

We bring the party to you!
One Call does it All! Take the hassle out your event and let
the Emergency Response Team take over and give you a
great event that everyone will be talking about!
We have fed Thousands of people since 2007 and have the
same customers for over 8 yrs.  We cook great food and
make sure everyone gets great service. We know you have
high standards and so do we!
Jason Moore Ctfd 129 Says-
"Tony, you are awesome.  You called me.  I was amazed.  You
put great feelings back in my heart.  I have shared my experience
with all my fellow FF.  You restore hope in our country and our
Fire Fighters!  OUTSTANDING!!  Keep up the great work.  (
Too bad you are in Arizona, we would love that truck in
Michigan.)  Be safe brother!  129
October 19, 2008
GRILLED Chicken Sandwich
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