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What is patriotism?

Patriotism is emotional and voluntary. The patriot adheres to
certain patriotic values, such as respect for a flag.

Governments promote an official patriotism which has a high
symbolic and ceremonial content. It is a logical consequence of the
state itself, which derives legitimacy from being the expression of
the common good of the political community. National monuments,
and veterans days and commemoration ceremonies are typical
examples. Often official patriotism is highly regulated by protocol,
with specific methods for handling flags, or specific pledges and
displays of allegiance.

Patriotism relies heavily on symbolic acts, such as displaying the
flag, singing the national anthem, participating in a mass rally,
placing a patriotic bumper sticker on one's vehicle, or any other
way of publicly proclaiming allegiance to the state. Symbolic
patriotism in wartime is intended to raise morale, in turn
contributing to the war effort. Peacetime patriotism can not be so
easily linked to a measurable gain for the state, but the patriot does
not see it as inferior.

Some critics have maintained that (unlike modern nationalism,
which is a creation of the 19th-century nation state) authentic
patriotism (as the Latin 'pater' would suggest) must be based in
some form of  hemophilia and  the sharing of ancestors.

Levels of patriotism vary across time, and among political
communities. Typically, patriotic intensity is higher when the state
is under external threat.

Conversely, high levels of patriotism tends to be coupled with
belligerency according to the Correlates of War. As examples,
patriotism was highly rated by Correlates of War in pre-WWI
Germany, as is the US today in World Values Survey

source: Wikipedia

The patriotic Fire Up Freedom Fire Truck is the perfect match for
those patriotic fund raisers and event planners, who seek to
promote patriotism.

The Fire Up Freedom Fire Truck Honors, pays tribute, and
represents America's heroes. Inspired by the events that took place
on 9/11/2001 and those events that followed.
The Fire Up Freedom Fire Truck has been over 1000 hours in the
making and finally came to completion on May 29,2007.

The Fire Up Freedom Fire Truck Features:
*A fully functional 100 foot ladder tiller
*4 infra-red BBQ grills
*2 gas burners
*2 soda fountains with ice bins
*Large flat screen TV's
*Full audio surround sound system
*Cd players/DVD players
*Hookup for Laptop Power Point
*Satellite System

The Fire Up Freedom Truck pays tribute at local and national
patriotic events, benefits and fund raisers through out the year.
Made to be enjoyed by young and old who believe in freedom and