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Tony grew up in Lebanon for the first 22 years of his
life. As a Christian, he has lived through war and
devastation most of his life. His father and mother
were married and had four kids. Two brothers and a
sister. His father was a High ranking Military officer
fighting in the civil war. He was killed when Tony
just turned 14.

Tony fought for freedom in Lebanon for over 10
years, starting at age 12. During the civil war
against Radical Islamic. He has witnessed people
being blown up and killed right in front of his eyes.
He has fought to keep Lebanon from being taken
over by Radicals. After no longer wanting to fight a
battle of politics. He ended his military career as an
Official for the Ministry of Interior.

Tony decided to move away and start a different life.
He went to Cyprus, France, Denmark and finally the
best place in the world United States. He has lived
here since 1985 and been a naturalized
citizen for almost 20 years. He taught himself how
to read and write English and never gave up the
dream of true freedom.

After events of 911, Tony wanted to make this truck
a memorial tribute to those who died on that day.
We cannot forget them and the devastation it
brought us. He has used all his own money to make
this project. A true patriotic gesture for freedom.
Now he also wants to help those who continue to
suffer from dust and inhalation of debris.
The First Responders.
Tony and his wife have been together for 30 years
now. They have three children. They have the same
values and beliefs and that is what keeps them
Along with Jesus Christ. He is their glue.

We want to honor those who need it most. The brave
men who gave so much to help innocent lives and
who would do it again if asked. They are true heroes.
If we can honor them and raise support for them,
then we have been successful. Our journey has
brought us ,so far, many wonderful caring people
that we never would have met if not for the Fire
Truck. That alone is a blessing. Thank you.

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Niko Bruce
Niko Bruce
Oct 15, 2022

Your story is inspiring and moving brother. Niko

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